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The Faces
May 26, 2022

Their stories, their words — the subjects from the Faces of Fortitude project — talk about suicide; be it loss, survival, ideation, first responders. Faces of Fortitude shares the portrait...

I am one of the SIX
May 26, 2022

They say six people are deeply impacted by every one suicide. If we’re counting family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors (the list goes on), I’d argue suicide directly affects so many m...

Xico – Taking Inventory
May 26, 2022

You may have heard that Seattle has been a bit of a, shall we say, ruthless, frigid bitch these past few weeks. It has already been declared the snowiest February on record and we aren’t even...

Marika – Vulnerability Hangover
May 26, 2022

I was born with a brain that has never been remotely interested in things that are good for me. If my brain was an actual person, that person would sabotage me at every turn, then photoshop A...

Heather: Teacher & Survivor
May 26, 2022

As this school year began I sat in a staff meeting. The school counselor clicked and a slide showing behaviors and warning signs of suicidal students. I shifted in my seat, the descriptors pa...

Liam – His Story
May 26, 2022

Every morning I sense a feeling of guilt, from where this emotion comes from is unknown and at times extremely confusing. My brain seems to try and pull a reason from somewhere, was...

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