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Naomi's Law
May 17, 2023

Last week I had the opportunity to hear Ashley Judd speak at the National Press Luncheon in Washington DC, about the horrors she endured in the hours after her mothers death by suicide. T...

Leia - A Survivor Update
February 16, 2023

Leia - Faces of Fortitude - 2018 Sharing my journey helped me in many ways! I had people reach out to me and ask for help getting into treatment, asking for advice, and it really made me f...

That Curse to Stay and Live
September 29, 2022

Poem and Art by K. Rose QuayleFrom the book - This Business of Becoming Mad Golden then, that afternoon, and brindled was the skyfairytales still had an end,and trains yet passed me by.The...

Self Portrait Evolution
August 24, 2022

Last month I sat in the studio to take an updated self portrait and reflected on the past 5 years since starting this project in 2017. This project began with a wave of emotion and excitement ...

Stacie: Her Loss in her words
May 26, 2022

 met Mariangela nearly 9 years ago. I think I remember every detail about our first meeting, because well, its Mariangela, and no one forgets meeting her. I can save the sorted details f...

Viola: A Survivors Story
May 26, 2022

My earliest memory of grappling with the concept of suicide occurred when I was 9 years old; the night before my first day back to school after summer break when my mother was in her room sta...

Liam – His Story
May 26, 2022

Every morning I sense a feeling of guilt, from where this emotion comes from is unknown and at times extremely confusing. My brain seems to try and pull a reason from somewhere, was...

Heather: Teacher & Survivor
May 26, 2022

As this school year began I sat in a staff meeting. The school counselor clicked and a slide showing behaviors and warning signs of suicidal students. I shifted in my seat, the descriptors pa...

Marika – Vulnerability Hangover
May 26, 2022

I was born with a brain that has never been remotely interested in things that are good for me. If my brain was an actual person, that person would sabotage me at every turn, then photoshop A...

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