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When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their soul.

Ted Grant

What is
Faces of Fortitude?

Faces of Fortitude is a project that lays a foundation of healing through shared portraits and stories of those personally affected by attempted or completed suicide, and provides a safe, stigma-free space for mental health to be discussed, and stories of loss and survival to be shared.

Do I have to have lost someone to suicide in order to apply?

No, this project is open to anyone who has been touched by suicide in ANY way. Be it suicide loss, suicide attempt, suicidal idiation or mental illness struggles.

How do you choose your Faces?

Decisions are based on a few things. First of all safety – these sessions are not therapy. It is imperative for everyone’s safety that applicants have a self care plan in place and some time has passed since your traumatic event, as the sessions can oftentimes get very emotional. Approval is also based on project curation, to be sure everyone feels seen and represented.

How do I Apply?

*UPDATE* As a result of the current COVID19 pandemic, travel was been suspended and or limited in order to shoot for this project. The portraits were put on hold during the pandemic and we are slowly now coming back! Thank you for your patience as we find new locations that survived the pandemic, to shoot in.

You are welcome to fill out an application for future consideration for the portrait sessions and immediate consideration for the podcast; Faces of Fortitude: Behind the Lens.

How can I see a Faces of Fortitude event in MY city?

All booking for suicide prevention speaking events, traveling pop-ups and full photo exhibits – Please contact Kate DesRosier kate@gotham-artists.com

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